Chrome Death

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Take the curves at top speed and outrun the police


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Chrome Death is a 2D arcade driving game where you drive a car and try to escape the law. But the police won't hesitate in shooting missiles at your vehicle, meaning you need good reflexes if you want to survive.

Chrome Death's controls are very simple: at each intersection just tap one side of the screen to indicate the direction you want to turn. If you tap the screen right when you get to the middle of the intersection you'll take the curve perfectly and get extra points. But if you're late the game will be over.

The game has daily challenges, several other kinds of mission, different game modes, and an online leaderboard. Also the coins you collect let you unlock new vehicles straight out of the 80s for your garage.

Chrome Death is an amazing arcade game with a cyberpunk aesthetic. Its super addictive gameplay hides beneath a layer of beautiful 80s nostalgia. Also deserving special mention is its soundtrack, which perfectly suits the images seen on the screen.
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher